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How To String Your Beading Needle & The Type Of Thread To Use

Hey, welcome back to my blog. Today I'll be showing you the type of thread I use when using the bead spinner, and how to thread the needle. Let's get started .

The type of thread I use for a lot of my beaded jewelry is the extra strong upholstery thread. You can find it on walmart or amazon the links are below. And for my stretchy cord jewelry, I use the regular stretchy cord.(Check out the video for examples.) The upholstery thread lasts longer than the stretchy cord, but the stretchy cord allows your beaded jewelry to stretch to different sizes.

To show you how I thread the needle, I'm going to be using two different needles. I normally thread by hand.

Grab the thread and slowly put the thread through the needle. (Check out the video for examples.)

I know threading the needle comes very easily to me because I’ve been beading for years. However, I'm also going to show you an easier way with a sewing kit. The only thing you need out of the sewing kit would be the needle threader. I got this sewing kit from Family Dollar just a quick wham bam.

With the needle threader and when your needle has a small little eye on it, the first thing you want to do is push your needle threader all the way through the needle. Next, you're going to get your thread and put it through the hole of the needle threader. and once you do that, what you're going to do is pull your threader through the needle. (Check the video for demonstrations.)

In conclusion, these are the things we talked about. Two different type of strings to use for beaded jewelry and two different ways to string the beading needles. If you have any more questions or comments, just leave them down below I'll be sure to answer them.

And as always stay ambitious!!!

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