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Beads To Use For The Bead Spinner

Hey Besties welcome back to my blog. Today I'll be showing you some of the beads that I use for my bead spinners. So let's get started.


As you can see, I purchased these these from Amazon. Every since my bead supplier went out of business so I've been shopping with different companies to just give them a try. This bead kit came with the beads and stretchy cord which was a plus for me. I'm going to speed up me opening the packages so that you can be able to see the beads for some reason it takes me forever to open the package. I love these beads however, when you open the package the beads are everywhere. The beads are a size six beads. Both sets came from the same company,and these bees came from the same company, Bala & Fillic. I paid $11.99 for the transparent beads and $9.99 for the solid color beads.


Now I can't remember the company of these beads but they're on Amazon and I would never purchase these beads again and let me show you why. Each set of beads was individually packaged so I had to open them and pour them out. And yeah, I didn't like that process at all. And I actually remember where I got these beads from now they came with the battery powered bead spinner that I have which will be coming up in a video.


Here’s my fourth set of beads that I'm opening and let me tell you I really love this color. That's initially why I bought the beads but I did not check the size. These are a size 10 beads and they are super tiny. Remember that with some of the bead spinners tiny beads do not work. So when I use these beads I hand strung them. They are so tiny but so pretty. I purchased these beads for $8.99.


With my next set of beads, I actually purchased them from Shein, and let me tell you I was actually surprised I was like okay Shein.I received the string and needles with the bead kits. I just loved the bead colors. That's actually what I was looking for. Most times when I'm choosing my beads I go off the colors that my clients are looking for and I paid $8.99 for each set.


Lastly, this bead kit is from Yitohop. This kit actually my favorite one. It came with so many things so if you're a new beginner would definitely help with your first bit of stock for your beads. I received the string, different types of beads and pendants. They also gave scissors, tweezers and jump rings along with the beads. I purchased this kit for $18.99 on Amazon.


I have all links available in this blog post.


Thanks for stopping by, and as always remember to stay ambitious.

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