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Natural Hair For The Culture | Locs Journey| Rumors-Lizzo

Wearing your natural hair can be difficult sometimes, especially if you were never taught to take care of your hair in its natural state. I wear my Locs not only for me, but For The Culture as well🙌🏾✨✨

Growing up I rarely saw women that looked like me wearing their natural hair. It would always make me wonder why. I promised myself I would learn all that I could about my hair because I knew I wanted to wear it natural. I’ve been natural for 11 years and have had my Locs for 7 years. When younger girls who look like me inquire about my hair or is in love with my hair I’m absolutely excited. I remind them that we are all beautiful in our own way.

Whether you’re rocking your hair natural or not, you’re absolutely beautiful 🥰🥰

If you love it, I love it more!!!! Eff anyone’s opinion about you!!!!

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