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Jen In Jeans

Jen in Jeans 👖💕

I definitely have a mom body 😆 💕

Have you ever bought a pair of jeans and hated the way that they fit on you?

Bought a pair of popular jeans and they were not giving??😫Guess what? Me too!

In my new series “Jen In Jeans,” I’ll be searching and finding jeans that actually fit my mom body and giving you all my best recommendations. It’s my goal to highlight the natural bodies of moms, feature very affordable jeans, and inspire you to embrace your body.

After becoming a mom, I have had a hard time finding jeans that fit. It’s been a hit or miss but I miss wear jeans. I’m 95% a Jeans and Sneakers type of woman 😊❣️ So, let’s see what we find!!

What’s your favorite brand of jeans?

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