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How To Create and Assemble Custom Hershey Bar | Easy Valentine’s Day DIY

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

DIY Custom Hershey Bar Wrapper | Custom Party Favors Ep. 7


Hey Beauties💕💕 We’re back today with another Party Favor Tutorial featuring the Hershey Bar. Let’s Get Start💕💕


For this party favor tutorial you will need:


-A printer



-Tape or Hot Glue Gun with Sticks

-Hershey Bar


Beginning of Tutorial

First I will show you haw i designed my Hershey Bar Wrapper.

Step 1- Open Canva and choose the letter size.

Step 2- Upload the Hershey Bar template to Canva and size it to fit the canvas.

Step 3- Customize the template using different elements,text, and shape.

Step 4- Save your label as a PNG and Print.

Step 5- Cut out the Hershey Bar Label

Step 6- Grab the Hershey Bar and wrap the label around it.

Step 7- Use your tape or hot glue to secure your label closed.

There you have it, your Custom Hershey Bars!!! Perfect for any event!!!

Happy Crafting and Remember To STAY AMBITIOUS 💕💕💕💕

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Hershey Bar Template
Download ZIP • 191KB

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