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DIY Product Labeling/Branding at Home!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Hey Beauties here’s another tutorial!💕💕

I will show you how to create and apply htv labels (heat transfer vinyl) at home for a low cost. When I first started out I searched everywhere for tutorials on how to create my own product labels. After researching I felt that it was only fair that I showed my Ambitious Beauties how to label/brand their products at home!! I hope you find this tutorial helpful 💕💕



💕Phonto App

💕Cricut/Cricut App

💕Heat Transfer Vinyl(HTV)


💕Weeding Tool


💕Beauty Pouch

1. Create Label with the Phonto App & Save as PNG

2. Open Cricut App, start new project, upload PNG you just created in Phonto, remove background, save as cut file, change size to 4” wide, change color to the color of have you will be using

3. MIRROR CUT FILE, change Cricut settings to Iron On+, place shiny part of the heat transfer vinyl(HTV) down on your cutting mat,load mat on to the Cricut, press “C” on your machine and watch the magic cut😆,unload your mat when finished.

4. Grab all of your materials: HTV we just cut, scissors, iron, weeding tool,jewelry pouch(or any product you want to label)

5. Trim the extra vinyl away with your scissors *BE SURE NOT TO CUT YOUR LABEL* leave about a half an inch border of htv around the label.

6. Using the weeding tool, weed your cut. Remove the border and the spaces inside your letters/shapes that shouldn’t be there.(refer to the label we created in Phonto,be sure that your weeded cut looks the same.)

7. Place your label where you would like it to sit on your product

8. Turn iron on,set the temperature for your materials(I set it halfway for product labeling).Iron the label on by using an up/down motion then iron across to secure.

9. Let Product cool off because it’s very hawt😂

10. Lastly pull off the plastic cover slowly & be amazed at your beautiful custom Products😍🥰

Happy Crafting!!!! Remember To Stay Ambitious!!!!!!!

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I am not a professional! I am showing you the steps that I took to when making my products.

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