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DIY- Custom/Personalized Water Bottles- Full Tutorial- Using Cricut and Oracle 651 Vinyl/Business101

Updated: Aug 21, 2021


💫You don’t have to seal 651 Oracle vinyl because it is a permanent vinyl.💫

Hi Beauties. Today we'll be doing a tutorial on Custom Water Bottles. So let's get started.

For the first part of our tutorial, you’ll need

Items Used:

* Cricut

* 651 Oracle Vinyl

* Cutting Mat

Step 1:

First we will upload our text or logo into the Cricut app, remove any background spaces, save it as a cut file, and load the file onto our workspace.

Step 2:

I changed the color and sizes of the text. The name is 4 inches, the logo is 6 inches. Press “Make It”. Next prepare your mat, place your vinyl on the mat flat facing upwards. Load the mat onto the Cricut. Choose “Premium Vinyl” on the app for Materials.( I always choose more pressure for 651 vinyl. Then press the “C” on your Cricut machine & watch the magic cut! Unload your mat when finished.

For the second part of the tutorial you’ll need:

* Water Bottle

* Scissors

* Transfer Tape

* Weeding Tool

* Alcohol

* Cotton Ball/Tissue

* Labels we just cut

Step 1:

Cut out the labels leaving a half of an inch border of vinyl.

Step 2:

Use the cotton ball and alcohol to clean the area on the water bottle where you will place your label.

Step 3:

With the weeding tool,weed your cut.(refer back to Cricut to check cut)

Step 4:

Next, size and cut your transfer tape.( be sure the tape big enough to cover the label. Peel off the tape and place it over your label. Remove the transfer tape and the label away from backing.

Step 5:

Grab your water bottle and place the label with the transfer tape on the area we cleaned early. I used my hand to secure the label on the bottle but I recommend using a scraper and doing very light scrapes across the vinyl. Lastly we want to carefully remove the transfer tape from the bottle and vinyl.

Step 6:

I’m going to show you this technique again. I also want to send a shoutout to the Beauties who purchased theses Custom Water Bottles from me earlier this year right when quarantine hit! Thank you for always supporting me!!! And there you have it your new custom water bottles that you can personalize or sell in your store.

Step 7:

And thanks for watching. If you found this tutorial helpful, hit the like button. And if you would like more tutorials,please be sure to subscribe to my channel and as always, Stay Ambitious!!!

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I am not a professional! I am showing you the steps that I took to when making my Custom Water Bottles.

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