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DIY Custom Mini Oreo Wrappers Custom Party Favors Episode 9

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Hey Beauties

Welcome back to my channel, today we will DIY Custom Party Favors featuring the Mini Oreos, so let’s get started


For this tutorial you will need:

-Oreo Label

-Double Sided Tape

-Mini Oreo Cookies Packs


-Sealer (optional)


Step 1- Cut out your label

Step 2- Fold the label

Step 3- Using the double sided tape, apply the tape to the back perimeter.

Step 4- Grab your Oreo pack and place it in the middle of the label, next close your label by lining the short ends together first then pinch the longer ends together(see video)

Step 5- Seal the ends closed with your sealer.(optional)

There you have it, your Custom Oreo Packs!!!

Happy Crafting!!! & Always Remember to STAY AMBITIOUS 💕💕💕💕

Free Template

2 pack oreo template
Download ZIP • 1.59MB

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I am not a professional! I am showing you the steps that I took to when making my

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