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DIY CUSTOM LABELS FOR PARTY SNACKS|Create Your Custom Labels for FREE! Episode 2-Tutorial


Hi Beauties. Today we'll be doing a tutorial on labels for our custom party snacks. This is a highly requested video. So let's get started.

Items Used:

* Phonto app

* Canva app, these two apps are free on the App Store.

Step 1:

To create the title for our label, we're going to open the Phonto app, tap the screen,select plain images, and choose the background you want. Press the arrow at the top and select Use. Tap your screen again to start adding your text.

Step 2:

Then you're going to resize your title for your custom party snacks label.

Step 3:

You can also tap the style button to change the colors. Once we're satisfied with the title for the label, we're going to tap the arrow button that's at the bottom right hand corner and press Save as a PNG.

Step 4:

Next, open Canva select any size(or choose the letter size). Browse the elements and icons to see what they have available for your Party Theme. Canva has so many of them, I do have the paid version. However, they do have a lot of free ones as well.

Step 5:

After browsing, resize the canvas to the letter size so that you can start creating your label.

Step 6:

Following, we're going to upload our PNG that we just created in Phonto.Press the Background Eraser button to remove the background.

Step 7:

Now we can start setting up our label exactly how we want it to look.You can add layers, pictures, and change the element colors. Just be sure to remove the background of any image.

Step 8:

Finally when we’re finished, we're going to save our custom party label as a PNG. And that is how we create our custom party snack labels. Stay tuned for our next episode, so that you can see how we apply these beautiful labels to our juice pouches. And thanks for watching. If you found this tutorial helpful, hit the like button. And if you would like more tutorials,please be sure to subscribe to my channel and as always, Stay Ambitious!!!

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I am not a professional! I am showing you the steps that I took to when making my Custom Labels.

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