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DIY Custom Kool-Aid Jammers/Caprisuns

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

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Hi Beauties!! Today we're back with another tutorial for our custom party snacks series featuring our juice pouches. Let's get started.

For the first part of our tutorial, we will be creating the actual printable labels that goes on to our juice pouches.

Part One


You will need the Canva App, the PNG that we created in the episode previous to this one, your printer, and also sticky paper.

1. First, upload the PNG from the last episode into Canva.

2. Next, size the label to match with the template. Then, duplicate the image three times to match up with the template.

3. Save as a PNG and also press print in your menu options.

4. Add your sticky paper to your printer and press print.

Part Two


For the second part of the tutorial you will need scissors, self laminating sheets, the labels that we printed out, a hole puncher, and the kool-aid jammers.

1. First, take the scissors and cut out the labels.

2. Then, take the self laminating pouch and (we're only going to use one side and that will be the side with the paper on the back) pull it apart.

3. Next, remove the paper from the laminate.And line the laminate with the label because we want these labels waterproof so that they can last.Make sure everything is flat.Trim the edges of the laminate, you want to leave a small part about a quarter of an inch.

4. Now, take the Kool-Aid jammers and remove this straw. You want to be very very careful not to rip the little plastic piece on the straw.

5. Every manufacturer of the juices are different, you want to make sure you line up your label where the hole is before we punch the hole.I like to leave a little indentation. Grab the hole puncher and punch a hole exactly where the indentation was made.

6. Remove the back of the label to reveal the sticky part and place the label. I like to place it down on the middle first. Once the middle is secured, turn the Kool-Aid Jammer over down on the table and do a roll from one side to the other side.

7. Finally, add your straw to your juice pouch, you can actually add the straw anywhere.

💕💕Enjoy your Custom Kool-Aid Jammers! Always remember to Stay Ambitious!💕💕


Caprisun Label
Download ZIP • 1.29MB

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I am not a professional! I am showing you the steps that I took to when making my Custom Labels.💕

💕Happy Crafting💕

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