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DIY Custom Fruit Roll-Ups | How To Custom Party Favors

Hey Beauties Welcome Back, today we will be doing a DIY on Custom Fruit Roll-Ups!!! I know you're ready!!! Lets Get Started!!

To make our Custom Fruit Roll-Ups you will need:

*Fruit Roll-Ups



*Brochure Paper


*Double-Sided Tape





1.First we will open canva and upload our Fruit Roll Up Template, once uploaded we will add the Fruit Roll Ups Template to the canva and size it accordingly.

2.Next, we will start designing our template by using different text, shapes, pictures, and colors.

3. When we are done designing, we want to save our Custom Fruit Roll Up Label as a PNG and Print.


1.With our Custom Fruit Roll Ups Label printed, we will cut them out and fold them.

2.Since the labels are small we will use the double sided tape to secure the Fruit Roll Ups to the template, we will also only tape one long side, and the middle on the two short sides. 3.Next, we will pinch together the long sides then pinch together the short sides (view video for demonstration).

4. This next step is optional. Seal both ends of your Custom Fruit Roll Ups label with your sealer.

And there you have it, your beautiful Custom Fruit Roll Ups!!! Happy Crafting!!!!

Free Template

Fruit Roll Up Template
Download ZIP • 1.75MB

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