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DIY CUSTOM CHIP BAGS/EPISODE 4- PARTY SNACKS TUTORIAL-Customize Your Party🎉🎉🎉 Vlogmas 2020 Day 2

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

DIY Custom Chip Bag Full Tutorial - Custom Party Favors Ep.4

Hey Beauties 💕💕💕

Today we’ll be doing a tutorial for DIY Custom Chip Bags💕💕Let's get started.

Step 1-

First I'm going to show you how I created the chip bag labels, if you would like a full in depth tutorial of how to create the labels check out my video , However, I'm just using all of the elements that we used on that video in the series to complete my chip bags. And when you're done designing, you just want to save and print your design.

Products Used:


💕the chips

💕the chip bag labels we just printed out

💕double sided tape


💕A sealer

Step 2-

What we're going to do is cut out our chip bag labels.

Step 3-

Next we're going to add double sided tape to the back perimeter of the chip bag label.peel the backing off of the double sided tape and I actually shot this twice the first time I camera died. But I'm dedicated to giving these tutorials to you guys I just kept going.

Step 4-

When we’re done with the tape, we're going to place the chip bags down onto the labels in the center and fold the two shorter ends, and then we're going to press the bottom and the top closed.

Step 5-

This part is completely optional, I used the sealer on the chip bags to give it a more chip bag look. Grabbing our sealer we are going to press lightly for about one second to seal the chip bags closed on each side.


Chip Bag Template
Download ZIP • 1.31MB

And now you're finished. You can look at your beautiful customized chip bags. And I hope this tutorial helps you. If you found my tutorial helpful, please be sure to hit the like button. And if you would like more tutorials, please be sure to subscribe and as always, stay ambitious.

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Tori Bailey
Tori Bailey
03 квіт. 2021 р.

I luv ur ideas!! But I didn't see a link for the template thank u so much for sharing ur creativity!!

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